Friday, 10 October 2014

Current Favourites

So this past month or so I kind of totally forgot that I even planned on blogging regularly, I know, super committed alert, but with starting back at university, work and all the little bits of time consuming nonsense, it seems that a whole month and a half had gone by without me even blinking. So to make it nice and simple and without causing involuntary yawning too quickly this post is a few of my favourite things, I feel myself going to grab on an almost daily basis.

Topshop Camel Coat - £54
First of all this bloody gorgeous coat, which I find myself rarely leaving the house without, and for once I am thankful for slightly cooler days, *I am not mentally prepared for gale force winds and winter yet though*. Although the coat isn't very thick and I resent Topshop for not making it in Tall, I am totally bloody in love with it, and with a couple of layers underneath I'm sure it'll see me through the winter weather. (Either that or I'll freeze to death, but at least I can hope I'd look fabulous doing so).

brightening face primer - £22.50
Benefit 'that gal'
 Next up is this Benefit primer, which is currently by go to/oh my god I cannot live without this makeup product. I've tried quite a few primers before and after being made to look constantly nauseous with the consistency of my No7 green primer I was desperate to find another. After asking on twitter I was recommended this one, and after remembering how much I liked a sample I once tried, it was added to my birthday wish list. And although I'm slightly concerned that I went through one in just over a month considering the price tag, the primer does exactly what it says and definitely brightens your face and makes my foundation look consistently better.

MAC 'Ruby Woo' Lipstick - £15.50
MAC 'Cherry' Lip Liner - £12.50
Now first of all I can't actually believe I'm writing about my love for a lip pencil. The only thought that ever pops into my head when I think about it is the nightmare of pale lips lined with a dark brown pencil *shudders*, but now I shake that thought away and think of Kylie Jenner. I bit the bullet after hearing the hype and managed to get my hands on the Whirl lip pencil for my birthday, which I was shocked to fall head over heels in love with. But after drunkenly loosing it on a night out and it always and forever being out of stock *sobs* I widened my search and purchased the Cherry lip liner. I'm not such a huge fan of bright red lips on myself but I'm trying to sway myself that way, and couldn't think of a better combination than this lipliner and being a matt lipstick lover, MAC's Ruby Woo, a favourite in MAC's red lips department. And I must admit that these too are doing a fine ass job of converting me to the classic red lip look.

NARS Blush

Another current favourite, making a regular appearance in my makeup routine is this NARS blush. Due to always having 'rosy' flushed cheeks, I was always reluctant to try blushes in case a clown type appearance occurred, so it's safe to say I was pretty late to jump onto the blush bandwagon. However after hearing rave reviews about NARS' makeup in general, their blushes and in particular Douceur, I scribbled this onto my birthday list too (kind of a running theme here right). After purchasing a Real Techniques blush brush and trying this out I am totally converted. I find it difficult to 'overdo' it with this shade of blush, although I'm not tempted to see how far I can push it, and it definitely is a natural shade which seems to blend in well with my own rosiness. Thumbs up NARS!

Benefit 'Brow Zings' - £24.50
Another Benefit favourite is their Brow Zings brow kit. I've actually been using this alongside the Rimmel eyebrow pencil for well over a year now, but after smashing the palette at least four months ago and still attempting to use it, I was quickly tiring of the chore of using this to do my brows. After being tempted by the Bobbi Brown Brow Kit and the forever talked about Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz, I resorted to repurchasing this just last week after receiving a 20% discount code from ASOS (I can never resist!) and I completely forgot how much I loved this product, how well it sits on my brows and how good the shadow was when it wash't smashed into a million pieces. I'm tempted to try one of the other brow products in the future but at the moment I am very much content with this.

Liz Earle 'Deep
Cleansing Mask' - £14.50 
And last but not least, is this Liz Earle face mask. I ordered this on a whim when I was repurchasing the hot cloth cleanser, and skin tonic and if  I boosted my order I'd get free delivery and a shampoo and conditioner gift set, even though I definitely didn't need anything else. But I am one hundred percent glad I purchased this little beauty. It comes with two face sponges and has the consistency of a mud mask, which I absolutely love. I use this product around twice a week when I'm in the shower, and focus mostly on my T-zone with it, and it works an absolute bloody treat. I have to admit my skin feels fabulous afterwards and it's great for going hard on blemishes and those bad skins days/weeks/months.

Tadah that is it, so first of all, round of applause to you if you waded through my rambling and made it to the end of this blog post, imaginary gold star for you! Secondly thank you for taking time out of your I'm sure very productive day to read this, and I hope it was worth not doing that thing you know you should really be doing instead!

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