Tuesday, 2 September 2014

THIS MONTH: August In Photos

So it's the 2nd of September and I'm officially experiencing summer blues. After being unimpressed with August's sunshine, I feel robbed of the last bit of summer I thought would be guaranteed. Also people have begun the countdown to Christmas which I am not okay with in the slightest, I'm excited for bloody Halloween! So August being over also means I'm now twenty *wretches slightly*, which I haven't freaked out about too much after finding out I didn't develop arthritis and a head full of grey hair overnight. September also means going back to university, which I love to loathe, so can September take as much time as it needs please.

Anyway I did one of these posts last month for July, and liked the idea of scrolling through the junk on my phone and finding random pictures I took throughout that month. I figured that because I have a day off work, and I am majorly hungover after a staff night out last night, and that I finalllllly having my mac back after it gave up on me and everything was wiped off it (go buy a back up disk people. right now. back all your shit up)that I should probably do another blog post that I bet you are all dying to read right???

So yeah here it is. I'm not sure if August was as fabulous as I was expecting but it was still pretty damn good. Some highlights included another countless amount of mother daughter lunch dates, definitely drinking too much alcohol as usual, loosing my sanity at turning twenty a little and dying the ends of my hair purple, which then turned green (don't ask. it was pretty traumatising and me and Sarah my housemate spent too many days scrubbing it to death and sitting with baking soda and head and shoulders 2 in 1 burning my scalp for hours at a time). Obviously it was also my birthday, and I was reunited with the girls from home, some of which I hadn't seen in four months, so that was lovely. I also went to Leeds festival which was bloody brilliant, and got lost trying to catch a tram back to Manchester (I'm not too good with public transport or awareness of surroundings) and did the ALS ice bucket challenge. twice. once being in front of work in my uniform which was a little more embarrassing. So yeah I guess that pretty much sums August up with the photos. Maybe I'll get my shit together sometime soon and blog regularly or something or also maybe not, I'm sure the suspense will kill you...

If you got up to anything super bloody exciting let me know so I can brew in jealously at your amazing life,

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