Thursday, 15 January 2015

Food Favourites - Banana and Oat Pancakes

I'm not going to start this blog post by telling you how I'm doing a pretty awesome job at blogging regularly... I'm also not going to start this blog by telling you how fast twenty fourteen went but I am going to wish you a happy twenty fifteen, I hope these first two weeks have been lovely to you. One of my many goals for the new year is to blog more often, as it turns out I enjoy it quite a lot even if it's only my bloody mum that reads it. (iya Mum!) So here is attempt numero uno.

If you know me at all you'll know my life revolves around counting down the hours until my next meal, y'know in the style of Sarah Millican - "Breakfast, brunch, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, proper tea, dinner, supper, elevenses and then a midnight snack which can last anything up to eight hours. And a milky way whenever the fuck you like."

Another of my goals for the year is to cook more, as apparently cereal isn't sufficient as a meal three times a day, I know, bloody crazy. So seeing as I suck at cooking as much as I suck at blogging on a regular basis, easy, quick recipes are my intention and so my favourite meal to make for breakfast (brunch/elevenses) or lunch is banana and oat pancakes. I mean who doesn't frigging love pancakes?! Bonus - it turns out these ones are classed as healthy and full of protein, and if you've been to the gym (I will return sometime soon I promise), adding some protein powder gives you an extra boost to help replenish and build your muscles, take that Popeye and your sucky spinach.

So anyway I thought I'd post a few pictures and a little bit of a description as to what I do to make my banana and oat pancakes. It's pretty easy and simple, I mean I can do it so.....

All you need to make basic banana and oat pancakes is described in its name (clever right?) oh and an egg! I usually use one banana and a large handful of oats. Whenever I decide to break the bank and buy some blueberries (chuffing £2 for a punnet Sainsbury's?) I like to add those in too. Now I'm pretty sure you've guessed that next you'd just mush all this stuff together, and you'd be damn right.

Depending on how thick or big you want your pancakes you can determine the size of the spoonfuls you put into the pan, I normally spread the mixture between 3/4 pancakes and put the hob on full heat. Keep flipping the pancakes regularly, until they start to brown on both sides, which usually takes about five minutes, depending on how thick your pancakes are.

And that's about it! Told you it was simple. I mean the pancakes aren't the prettiest of things but they taste bloody good. I wouldn't be considering living off the things if they weren't! It's pretty easy to cater for more people by simply doubling the mixtures, as they are generous. I also tend to add a few more blueberries and some honey to my pancakes so they're a little sweeter but nutella or syrup work a bloody treat too (obviously, I mean its chocolate and syrup for god's sake, they'll make almost anything taste better)!


  And voila! I mean yours will probably look a lot more presentable but as long as it tastes good who cares? Now you beautiful little human, if you've given these a go or eaten Ryvita for lunch go reward yourself with a high five or even a takeaway for your healthy meal! Balanced diet and all right?

Thanks for taking the time to read through my current food favourite blog post and I hope you are now as hungry as I am! Let me know whether you attempted these and if yours undoubtably turned out much nicer than mine!