Thursday, 31 July 2014

Rambling introduction by the girl who has no idea what she's doing

So I'm assuming if you're reading this, god knows why in the first place, probably for a nice chuckle, which I would be guilty of, I'm assuming you know me. If not I apologise for you stumbling onto this blog, you may go back to whatever you were really searching for.

I've realised lately that I probably spend too much time reading magazines, watching youtube videos and reading blogs where I only find myself lusting after everyones lifestyle. I guess I've wanted to start a blog for a while now, (I unearthed an old blog I started in 2009, consisting of my, fabulously boring to everyone else, life and photos of me and my friends I'm happily embarrassed to have saved) and I've this blog has existed empty for a year or so. So after having a day off work, tonights plans being cancelled last minute and catching up with the likes of the Beautycrush and Hello October's blogs, I thought why the bloody hell not embarrass myself, avoid my to do list and start my own? 

So *tadah* here it is. I don't know how but I (rather appallingly) winged it with creating this blog, firstly because I don't have photoshop and secondly because I have no idea what I'm doing as noone has granted me with the gift of knowing how the bloody hell html editing really works (does anyone?) (how?) (congratulations on being so smart!). I also don't know what the blog is going to consist of or how regularly I'm going to 'blog', I know I'm pretty awesome right? but I hope you gain some laughter in your life if you ever decide to return.

Thanks for reading all this rambling nonsense, you beautiful person.