Friday, 1 August 2014

THIS MONTH: July In Photos

So this is my second blog post, which if you decided to read the first, then I'm a little unsure why you're back, but regardless of the reason, enjoy reading my waffling for the next few minutes.

So apparently it's August now (??!) and I know I'm not the only person who is slightly terrified at how fast this year is going. I am totally unprepared to turn twenty this month or to start my third year of university next month *has mental breakdown at the mere thought of dissertation*.So instead of admitting the summer is nearly over, I've instead reminisced July, which was a pretty fabulous month. The summer months are always my favourite, with the hope of glorious sunshine, which I'm amazed we had so much of, (please come back) and the ability to ignore responsibilities without feeling so guilty, because it's summer and *in the voice of Ross Geller* we were on a break, right?

So these are a few pictures littered on my iPhone which I took during July, which included working as a waitress a lot, the gaining of a new pet cat (don't ask), countless visits from Mumma Fox, Wireless festival, visiting Baine's in Manchester and trips to Hartsholme Park and beer gardens with Sarah to name a few, so enjoy.

So thank you for taking the time to read this when you could have been doing something constructive,


  1. I'm excited for your future posts! I love little life update kinda posts like this!!

    Rachel! x

  2. Definitely feeling the same way about the Dissertation Ellie! Your blog is super cute! <3

    1. Absolutely dreading it! Thank you :)